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All the executives at QUICKDRAW have swung a hammer for a living at one time or another. This is important because there is no substitute for in-hand experience when you design and manufacture contractor grade tools.



Dane is the founder of the Company, serves as its Managing Director, and is the inventor of the QUICKDRAW and TRUVIEW technologies. He currently holds twenty eight patents/patents pending. In 1995 he founded Levelution, LLC, an Idaho Company that manufactured, marketed and distributed precision carpenters levels, lasers and tape measures.

In 2003, he sold Levelution, L.L.C. to Newell/Rubbermaid, a fortune 200 company. He then worked for Newell/Rubbermaid as a consultant on new product development for one year, filing 18 patents before leaving that entity to focus on the toy industry. In 2004, he launched the award-winning construction toy “Uberstix” where he remains the Managing Director.

Mr. Scarborough is a graduate of the acclaimed Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture.



Don is the lead on QuickDraw's Board of Advisors. President, and CEO of Hitt Enterprises, Inc., he's a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in corporate development environments. Serving as an executive with Walmart/Sam’s Club for more than two decades, Hitt was responsible for over $10b in sales revenue, including operations and marketing.

A direct importer of a variety of goods for the last 10 years, Hitt sells directly to retail big box chains including Walmart/Sam’s Club, CVS, Sears, etc. His U.S. warehouse facility is strategically located in Nebraska, and covers logistical control of inbound and outbound distribution.


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